The Getaway

Since we host dozens of weddings a year we get the privilege of witnessing LOTS of interesting occurrences. Personally, I'm fascinated with the getaway. The getaway offers photographers the "money shot." The one you always see with bride and groom holding hands, rice cascading down on their heads, sprinklers lining both sides, maybe confetti in the air.

The most famous wedding shot in history is JFK, Jr and his new bride leaving the tiny chapel on Cumberland Island hand in hand. The getaway shot is the most romanticized and remembered moment of the evening. This shot and cutting the cake are the two traditional shots everyone remembers from the wedding album.

The car is critical. We've had Rolls Royce Limos, vintage Mercedes coupes, several Mustang convertibles, a horse-drawn carriage, a cop car with siren blaring, (groom was a cop), traditional limos, a motorcycle, and just about everything in between. We have not had a tractor. I want a tractor.  

Frequently the car doesn't run very well and the newlyweds do a victory lap around Plein Air only to jump into a brand new Lexus around the corner. Again -- it's about the photo, not the ride to the Memphis airport.  

One new phenomenon is the "fake leave."  You want a big crowd there for the getaway. So, to ensure a crowd, the bride and groom will sometimes stage the leave early in the evening for the photo op.  Remember - it's the photo that matters. After pulling rice or confetti from their hair they may reappear and dance the night away film safely tucked away.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. The getaway is as personal as the wedding dress. To each their own. As long as they are having fun!