The Chapel - Six Months In

It has been six months since The Chapel at Plein Air debuted and by all measures it has been a big success. What started as an idea to move weddings indoors to battle inclement weather has turned into an attraction all its own.  Repeatedly, brides and mothers alike, breath a collective "oh my" when the doors open for the first time.  The chapel is simple.  It is beautiful.  And it reeks of a by-gone era before internet, social media, and the Kardashians.

Since early April we've hosted about fifteen weddings in the chapel. We've found that it can comfortably seat around 250. Uncomfortably around 280.  The acoustics are wonderful; this happened naturally as we didn't do a thing to plan it or create a sound friendly environment. The first minister announced, "there is no need for amplification. The sound in here is perfect."  

All of the materials used had a prior life in another church or building. The one exception is the air conditioning. Vintage 2016 model. 10 tons of it. Pack 260 people in there on an August afternoon in Mississippi and we need all we can get. We're happy to report it works and works well.  

Photographers love the chapel for the setting it creates. The sun streaks through the west windows at a 45 degree angle at sunset creating long, yellow pools of light throughout the sanctuary. Depending on time of year the angles vary and sharpness fades, but there is no bad light. Outside the chapel is a 40 acre field of tall grass for the perfect backdrop.   

We call it our "new old chapel." So far brides, wedding planners, photographers, and mothers are loving it. Will it stand the test of time?  We think so.  And we invite you to come along for the ride.